WEDDING caricatures

Wedding Caricatures are unique to entertain your wedding guests and add a funny touch to the celebration.

Whether you are coming from abroad to celebrate you wedding in Spain, whether you are an international couple expecting family and friends from all over the World, wedding caricatures might be an extremely good choice for entertaining you guests.

Choose the caricature service that suits you best: Classic  Live Caricature or Digital caricatura (on tablet)

Caricatures are a purely universal entertainment

  • Nevermind if you can´t speak the country´s language, caricature humour is available for everyone.
  • Our caricatures are fast and sinthetic, capturing the guest´s personality and main features.
  • Our drawings are always funny, though never disrespectful. Our goal is not to ashame anyone, but amuse all the concurrents, contibuting to make your edding unforgetable.
  • Nevertheless, our caricaturists are competent English speakers and experienced in international events.

It´s an efficient way of breaking the ice

  • At the beginning, guests might be a bit shy, and not interacting a great deal. Caricatures break the ice and raise laughter

Caricatures are a personal and emotional souvenir for everyone

  • Your guests will keep their caricature for many years and at sight.